Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 27, 2009 A tributary of Otaki river

On this day, I approached from another valley for the target river.
Because I heard that there would be a path for that river. So I would
like to check it. I started at 3:30:-)

[A sun rise]

[The mountain range of Japan Central Alps]

[A path for the target creek]

[The headwater of the headwater :-) A map doesn't describe this stream.]

[Yamato Iwana]

[Yamato Iwana]

[I don't know this flower's name.]

[Yamato Iwana]

[The start point of fishing]

This day's my tackle was Sage and Orvis. Also, I used Garmin Oregon 300.
Oregon is very useful for my attack usually.

By the way, I met a Asiatic black bear for the first time. When I noticed
a bear, she/he just got away into a forest. She or He has shiny hair and fat.
I felt fear but I was relieved because he seemed alive strongly.

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