Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 19, 2009 A tributary of Otaki river

This river is likely the bigget tributary on Otaki river.
The water volume is very much and the valley is very deep.
This point is very far from a base. It is difficult to reach
along with the stream. So I went to there using the forest road.
However, a distance is a long long way. I started at 2:30AM...
It was still sorround the dark.

A logging railroad covered the whole of Kiso area at the past time.
A rail of it remained in a forest. Some rail is abandoned on side
of a river. It seemed that a steam locomotive of Baldwin Locomotive Works
in the United States ran in this area.

[The crosstie fall into a decay. Only a rail remained.]

[A trace of logging railroad]

[A pellucid stream. I wish this situation keeps the same as now for good.]

[Japanese char which is called "Yamato Iwana".]

[A headwater is still deep into the forest]

[A bridge of logging railroad]

[Yamato Iwana]

[Mt. Ontake misted by a morning glow]

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