Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 27, 2009 A tributary of Otaki river

On this day, I approached from another valley for the target river.
Because I heard that there would be a path for that river. So I would
like to check it. I started at 3:30:-)

[A sun rise]

[The mountain range of Japan Central Alps]

[A path for the target creek]

[The headwater of the headwater :-) A map doesn't describe this stream.]

[Yamato Iwana]

[Yamato Iwana]

[I don't know this flower's name.]

[Yamato Iwana]

[The start point of fishing]

This day's my tackle was Sage and Orvis. Also, I used Garmin Oregon 300.
Oregon is very useful for my attack usually.

By the way, I met a Asiatic black bear for the first time. When I noticed
a bear, she/he just got away into a forest. She or He has shiny hair and fat.
I felt fear but I was relieved because he seemed alive strongly.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 20, 2009 A tributary of Kiso river

This river is located in south district area of Kiso.

I think there is several patterns of eating by a fish.
A fish of the day before was hooked smoothly. But a fish
of this day was not hooked. I used a dry-fly which forms
a modified thorax hackle.

[Usually, there is a gate on a forest road.]

[A waterfall in this river]

[A middle part of this river is deep rather than upper part.]

[An upper part of this river]

[Is it rainy season in Japan?]

[Yamato Iwana]

June 19, 2009 A tributary of Otaki river

This river is likely the bigget tributary on Otaki river.
The water volume is very much and the valley is very deep.
This point is very far from a base. It is difficult to reach
along with the stream. So I went to there using the forest road.
However, a distance is a long long way. I started at 2:30AM...
It was still sorround the dark.

A logging railroad covered the whole of Kiso area at the past time.
A rail of it remained in a forest. Some rail is abandoned on side
of a river. It seemed that a steam locomotive of Baldwin Locomotive Works
in the United States ran in this area.

[The crosstie fall into a decay. Only a rail remained.]

[A trace of logging railroad]

[A pellucid stream. I wish this situation keeps the same as now for good.]

[Japanese char which is called "Yamato Iwana".]

[A headwater is still deep into the forest]

[A bridge of logging railroad]

[Yamato Iwana]

[Mt. Ontake misted by a morning glow]

June 13, 2009 A tributary of KIso river

Kiso river is the mainstream of Otaki river.
I went to another tributary of KIso river.

[The headwater of this river.]

[The biggest fish of this season!]

[Japanese char which is called "Iwana[iwĘŚna]" in Japanese]

[A small dam. I think this is an artifact on rivers.]

[A waterfall where it isn't describe on a map.]

[I rode my bicycle from this gate.]

June 7, 2009 The distric of Otaki river's headwater

I couldn't watch and catch a fish...
Though it was rain the day before, headwaters seemed drought.
However, it was fine day and I felt comfortable breeze.
It took 3 hours from a gate of forest road to target.

[Mt. Ontake and Miura dam reservoir]

[My bicycle]

[Miura dam]

[A target river of this fishing]

May 30, 2009 A tributary of Otaki river

I went to fishing as usual for one of tributaries on Otaki river.
This river is very small and narrow. I thought no fish live in it.
But they have been alive strongly and obscurely.

[It was dark in sipte of daytime]

[This fish is very small]

[It is a path for a field]

Monday, June 15, 2009

May 18, 2009 A tributary of Otaki river

[Salvelinus leucomaenis japonicus]

[Waterfall where it does not mark on a map]

Sunday, June 14, 2009

May 3, 2009 A tributary of Otaki river

This day was the first fly fishing day of this season.
It was bit cold on this area. The altitude is about 1050m.

[Otaki river]

[An arm of Otaki river]

[Oncorhynchus masou ishikawae Jordan and McGregor]

[Does anyone know this flowers? I don't know...]