Sunday, November 15, 2009

A termination of Karatani-rindo (2009/11/7)

I went to Kiso Otaki area for checking a termination of Karatani-rindo.
This forest road is not described on a map of Geographical Survey Institute.
I was always interested where it reached.

This forest road has a total of approximately 6.9km.

BTW, the location "N35 50.190 E137 23.174" is available of a mobile phone(AU).

[The route of Karatani-rindo]

[The entrance of Karatani-rindo]

[The termination of this forest road]

[A view of Miura-dam]

[A view of Mt. Ontake]

[I forgot chopsticks... So I used a cane of a banboo glass.]

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